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National Parks: Do you remember your 1st “REAL” vacation …


— The one where you went somewhere else besides home to see Mom?


My 1st REAL vacation was with my sister, Bert.  

We visited the Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and the Rocky Mountains,all were remarkable National Parks.
After that, I was hooked on the Western USA. And I still am!

I made a vow … then to visit all the National Parks before I die.

I still have a few to check off, but I continue to plan a visit every time I get close to one. There are 3 on this list that I need to get to.

Planning is all part of the fun.  
I can help when you start making your plans.  I encourage you to start doing that today.

“It will bring your family closer together and instill a love of travel in your kids.”

You’ll be sharing memories for the rest of your lives.


You’ll come home singing “Round, Round, Round, Round–I get Around” just like I do.

Check out the 10 best national park drives (Of course this is a matter of opinion.)


Bon Voyage,  Susan Rogers

Let me help you plan your picture perfect vacation!
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spring creek ranch

Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, Wy!

Best Snow in the country with more to come!

We have hit over 400 inches of Snow this season!

Spring Creek Ranch is located on a wildlife sanctuary almost 1,000 feet above the town of Jackson and has the most spectacular views of the Teton Mountain Range, including the world famous 13,700-foot Grand Teton. Our luxury resort gives guests the choice of Inn Rooms, Condominiums, or Mountain Villas.

Spring Creek Ranch Villa CottonwoodsGreatRoom

This is an exhilarating adventure!

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