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Hawaii 7 day CruiseHawaii Cruise Honolulu photo 7 days round trip Honolulu from $999 per person and up



I have long wanted to cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. This cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line’s, The Pride of America, seemed like the perfect answer. I’m actually sailing on the October 31, 2015 round trip from Honolulu and I thought I’d share it with you–maybe you’ll want to come along.  Fun is more fun when you share it and say “HAWAII HERE I COME!”

Why?  Well, for one thing, you can see more of Hawaii than you thought possible and get an enormous amount of knowledge about one of the most popular places in the world. How is that possible? It’s the only almost All Inclusive Hawaiian cruise to four islands in seven days year-round. You’ll be stopping at 5 different ports on 4 different islands. With NCL’S unique 7-day Hawaii cruise itineraries, you get overnights in both Maui and Kauai as well as visits to Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii. You’ll be on island time as you discover cascading waterfalls, active volcanos, black, green and white sand beaches, historic sites and unspoiled nature.
You’ll enjoy nearly 100 hours in port on your Hawaiian cruise! That’s more than double any other Hawaiian cruise line! That’s 7 days of almost all-inclusive pleasure (except for certain shore excursions and drinks other than tea, coffee and juice).

Capture the Aloha spirit at NCL’S luau show which was voted the “Best Luau Show in Hawaii” by Lonely Planet.

No Passport? No Problem! None required.  You’ll be in the good ole USA all the time.

Here’s a preview of your Hawaiian Vacation in Paradise!

Hawaii with Norwegian Cruise Line

Your Educated Gypsy Travel Planner,

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Friends of Gwinnett Citizen sail together on a Heart of Alaska Cruise Tour June 11 2016


Did you know that $100 deposit now could be the start of getting you there next June 11 2016!  Alaska is one of those TRIPS OF A LIFETIME!

You’ll never forget it. When you watch the video you’ll see why. Please forward to someone you love to have fun with Susan.
The community newspaper, The Gwinnett Citizen, invites you to join our Travel Group and go with us on a Heart of Alaska Cruise Tour!

Year after year, Princess Cruises is voted Best Cruise Line in Alaska, thanks to remarkable itineraries and exhilarating shore excursions. Alaska is AN ABSOLUTELY MUST VISIT PLACE!


I’ve been there twice and I’m ready for a 3rd visit to see the Rest of the State. Alaska is huge and gorgeous. Do yourself a favor, if you’re going, let an Alaska enthusiast help you plan in advance so you can maximize your time and experience. If you love nature, be sure to do a cruise-tour and understand what you will be seeing. Don’t shortchange yourself by doing an inside passage only. Beautiful as it is, that is only a tiny sliver of Alaska.




Alaska’s northern frontier has magnificent landscapes, majestic wildlife and a coastline that is one of the most beautiful waterways in the world. Sail through the pristine waters of Glacier Bay, observe a great diversity of wildlife, and explore Alaska’s national parks from the perspective of spectacular cruise ships, rail service and Princess-owned wilderness lodges.




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A Little Wine Cruise History For You!



Ready for some Wine Cruise History?

Are you wondering where my new Wine Country Picture is? It’s a historic area of the Moselle River in Germany.

I love the story of the places I visit. The ruins of Landshut Castle loom over the old town of Bernkastel. The castle was built in the 9th century and burned in the 1600’s. Bernkastel is in a popular wine growing region on the Middle Moselle River. The town is a state-recognized health resort. Fittingly, Amawaterways includes free wine and spirits at lunch and dinner on their Rive Cruises to get you feeling good and in the mood for fun.

Another small town you’ll see on a Rhine River Cruise in the Rhine Gorge area is St. Goar. St. Goar of Aquitaine is the patron saint of vine growers and hotel keepers. He was a kind German monk who founded a hospice where he used wine to cure the sick. (You see, we’ve been right all along about wine!) Over the years, he became known for his prophecies and miracles and many legends gathered about him. After his death, his grave became a pilgrimage site and the nearby area was named Sankt Goar in his honor.

There are mountains which rise on either side of the Rhine and, the most famous landmark is the Loreley Rock opposite the town. Have you heard of the siren, Loreley? This area of the Rhine was tricky for ships to navigate and in ancient times the blame was put on a bad guy, the Siren, Loreley.

One of the charms of The Rhine River is that it’s dotted with so many interesting castle ruins. The area is beautiful and so full of German history that UNESCO made the valley a world heritage site In 2002. It is also known for its wines and our wine cruises focus on that with many wine tastings and winery visits. Oh, and did I mention free wine with lunch and dinner? Just saying.

And now you know some of the story of this beautiful place also. Why not join us and see for yourself?

Your Educated Gypsy Travel Planner,

Susan Rogers Travels


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Let’s Hear It for New Orleans and the Mississippi River! Get Your Groove On!

Did I tell you that I grew up in small town Ponchatoula, La? I can’t imagine a more idyllic childhood. I was totally insulated from the rest of the world. I’m still friends with people I met in the 1st. grade. My grandfather took me to my 1st Mardi Gras when I was about 10 years old. It was more a family festival back then. After that, New Orleans was a favorite city to me.

I even studied Pharmacy there at Loyola University. I lived on St. Charles Ave and rode the trolly to school and to Canal Street to visit the French Quarter. I met Charlie Walgreen Sr and Jr while working at Walgreen Drugstores in Chicago where I moved to after I graduated from Loyola. That was the coldest I ever was in my life except for the last few days in Buford, Ga. Time sure flies by.

I’ve been to several French Quarter Festivals through the years. They are a lot milder than Mardi Gras festivals. The locals put on a grand show all along the River Walk of the French Quarter. Lots of good food will be there along with great music and just plain good fun. “The event will take place April 9th-April 12th, 2015 and employ over 1,600 world class, local musicians. French Quarter Festival is the largest showcase of Louisiana music, anywhere.”

I just got this info from the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bueau and thought I’d share it with you.

Break out the party hats. Clink your glasses in celebration. 2015 marks the 32nd anniversary of the French Quarter Festival.

Back in 1984, this music event began as a small, neighborhood festival that organizers hoped would lure local residents back to the French Quarter. Today, it has grown to host more than half a million locals and out-of-town visitors.

There’s much to love about this longtime festival favorite, like its 23 stages and 400-plus hours of live entertainment. But a large part of its popularity is due to its price tag—it’s absolutely free to hear all of that outstanding music! It is known as the South’s largest free music festival.

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Singles Cruise Vacations – Special Savings


Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of travelling alone and see something you’ve always wanted to, with the help of Susan Rogers Travels  ̶  together with our friendly and personable singles cruise guides, our agency ensures you have a memorable holiday.

Your Educated Gypsy Travel Planner,


Singles Cruise Vacations

Susan Rogers Travels travelers are always fun, friendly and outgoing single or non-single who want to enjoy the company of other same minded individuals, while exploring the beauty that a place can offer.

You don’t have to wait for family or friends to travel the world!

You don’t have to be single to solo travel or on singles cruises! Just have an open mind and you will enjoy the company of others and the adventure of travelling for new discoveries.

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European River Cruises Of Jewish Heritage

European River Cruises in 2015

Come learn about the Jewish Heritage Cruises on an European River Cruises. Need to surprise your loved one’s with an amazing gift? Have an interest in Jewish Heritage? Check out these two  Heritage Cruises, The Romantic Danube and The Enchanting Rhine. Come Celebrate and learn about an amazing heritage this year!

Your Educated Gypsy Travel Planner,



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Airlines Change the Carry on Rules

We all know that TSA lines can have very unpleasant surprises such as confiscating belongings, loosing luggage, and pat-down searches. They can even be as unpleasant as changing carry-on weight limits without a warning.  That is why it is important to check the TSA rules and standards before you embark on your travels.

Your Educated Gypsy Travel Planner,


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See the USA with Small Ship Cruising! Autumn Colors on the Hudson River!


With fewer than 90 passengers, you will have the chance to make new friends who share your interest in the outdoors.

You’ll have stimulating conversations and see gorgeous north eastern forests ablaze with colors of fall. I have sailed from New York harbor on numerous occasions. I never get tired of the thrill of seeing the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of the city as we glide by. I have long wanted to cruise the Hudson River from NYC up into Canada to Montreal and Quebec.

How about you? Would you like to come along?

Your Educated Gypsy Travel Planner,


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YOU’RE INVITED TO Oceania Cruises Virtual Travel Event

Oceania Cruises: defining luxury travel


Looking for a Luxury All-Inclusive Vacation?


Take time to discover affordable luxury with Oceania Cruises.

Don’t get crammed in a shuffle–think outside the box– and Travel like a V I P!  

Consider these fabulous Cruise Opportunities–Your World Your Way!  

I have toured and dined on these ships.

You’ll be in for a treat and come home saying WOW!

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oceania cruises

Oceania Cruises

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Valentine Day Vacation Gift – Booking Bonus, Air Credits, Free Nights


Valentine Day Vacation Gift

Resorts made for two people in love

Make this Valentine’s Day truely special with a Luxury Included® Sandals vacation. Woo your one and only with romantic beaches, an exquisite candlelight dinner, luxurious sumptuous suites with breathtaking ocean views, private pools and enchanting fire pits – perfect way to ignite passion. Read more


Best Way for Travelers to Prevent Identity Theft

There are plenty of things to worry about while on the road: remembering your passport, confirming your reservations, packing enough socks for a week. Add “protecting your identity” to that list. Each year, victims of identity theft lose some $20 billion in cash and valuables, so arm yourself well in advance. Here are 4 ways to protect your identity while traveling.

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