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New Ways of Stealing and How to Protect Yourself

Learn about the new ways of stealing and how to protect yourself from it.

I am always telling clients how to protect themselves when they travel overseas, but this bit of advise from folks right here at home is definitely worth knowing.  Read and heed to save yourself much grief.  Being aware of what goes on around us is our best protection.

Please read and view three scenes below. Be sure to read Scene 3, quite interesting! This is a new one. People sure stay busy
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Best Way for Travelers to Prevent Identity Theft

There are plenty of things to worry about while on the road: remembering your passport, confirming your reservations, packing enough socks for a week. Add “protecting your identity” to that list. Each year, victims of identity theft lose some $20 billion in cash and valuables, so arm yourself well in advance. Here are 4 ways to protect your identity while traveling.

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