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This a question posed by Jamie Saxe in an article on TravelResearchOnline-Smith. It caught my attention mainly because I’ve been promoting a Special 70th Anniversary WW II D-DAY Memorial Cruise sailing June  2014 and this question seemed timely.  My Father was stationed in France during WW II.  As a 4 year old child I remember him coming home on the train to Hammond, La. where we waited for him.  When he got off the train he was singing “Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.  I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything’s going my way!”  Funny the little things one remembers when a child.  Later, after Mom and Dad had both passed on,  I found a postcard of The Arc de Triomphe from Paris that he had written to my Mom.  It was written in Oct 1941 when I was 3 months old.  The surprising thing was the date it was stamped as mailed by postal service—Nov 1944.  Who knows where that card had been taken to before the Army sent it on home.  When I was in Paris for a River Cruise on the Seine, I had my picture taken in front of the Arc.  If those stones could only talk.

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Small Ship Cruise and Why should you consider an Azamara Cruise

Small Ship Cruise AzAmazing Evenings in 2014

Experience local life with one-of-a-kind events created just for you!

Small Ship Cruise Azamara Cruise Dining

Travel to the Heart of Local Culture

Small Ship Cruise gives the feeling that you’ve engaged with the real character of a place makes travel deeply satisfying. Imagine a romantic evening on a hillside in Tuscany, with a live performance by three tenors, or getting the red carpet treatment before a ballet at the Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg, or spending an evening onboard under a blanket of stars while savoring local delicacies. There may be a moment during your AzAmazing Evenings event when you forget you’re actually on a voyage. Have fun and savor the moment—that’s what AzAmazing Evenings are all about.

Get so close to local culture and local life, you can actually feel it.

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