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Hello excited travelers!  Many people expect that nothing could possibly happen to them as they travel.  But, some of us have learned that life  is unpredictable.  My job is to make you aware of the things you might not think of when you travel.

Because I have seen so many unexpected things happen during my travels, I have become very “risk averse”.  I personally have seen a person have to be air lifted off a ship 1/2 way to Cabo and be returned to San Diego by medical evacuation helicopter. My 1st thought when I heard what was happening was ” I hope that person has travel insurance to cover this.” You have to have the right insurance coverage to pay for that.  I’ve seen a person step off a tour bus and break her ankle.  She had to pay for emergency transport and hospital expense and re-schedule her flights to another country to get back home to see her own doctors and pay again.  I know a man who had a stroke while on a cruise and had to stay a week in a foreign hospital in Turkey and then be flown home on a special medical transport  (both very expensive.) I’ve seen a young lady break her leg when she slipped at Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.  She had to charge $1,500 unexpectedly on her charge card to get medical treatment at the hospital.  A friend slipped on the marble floors at a resort in Cancun and broke her hip.  I could keep going on and on.

I am not trying to alarm you, I merely want you to be protected from unexpected problems.  I always insure myself when I travel and always advise my clients to do the same.  If a plan you have at home currently will cover all the things listed, then you don’t need anything extra.  You can even get coverage up to a day before you travel but the quote is about much more than cancelling the cruise or tour.  When I send you a quote,  please read the coverage very carefully.  The choice is up to you.  If “Las Vegas” is your style, then so be it.  Just know before you go.  I’ve done my part by informing you.  “I wish I had” doesn’t pay for anything.
Bon Voyage, SusanLake Como

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