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Can you relate? Wouldn’t you rather take some great trips instead?

Life is unpredictable–eat dessert first! How many time have you heard that? Well, it really is unpredictable. I never would have dreamed that I’d fall flat on my knees and face just walking to supper at the mall. How embarrassing. But the worst part was that It trashed my knees and in just a few years I was having my 1st knee replaced. I was perfectly healthy before that.

I’m still healthy. But I’ve also had a 2nd knee and one hip replaced so far. I was Medicare eligible for all surgeries. My 1st one cost me $7,000 out- of-pocket because no insurance agent I’d had since turning 65 even told me that I could have insurance that would eliminate my out-of pocket expenses. If I had stuck with them, I’d now be $21,000 out-of-pocket. I learned the hard way that you can’t always depend on sales people to tell you all your options.

That’s why Mark and I decided to go to a Health and Life Insurance
Classes and find out for ourselves what the “rest of the story was”.
Because we know how it feels to only get 1/2 of the info you need to make a good decision about Medicare Insurance, we pledge to keep you informed fully and have your best interest at heart. We are Seniors ourselves and we use the plans we sell so we speak from experience. As independent agents, we can give unbiased answers to your questions about senior insurance, and we will help you protect your hard earned assets.

As I said, Wouldn’t you rather take some great trips instead? I sure would.


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